To search for information about the Chinese export customs declaration, you must enter its digital number in the first field 报关单 号, in the second field 验证 码 you must enter protective numbers (captcha), after that, to search for information, you need to click on the button with a magnifying glass and the inscription 查询.

As a result, in the first field 通 关 状态 you will receive information about the date of customs clearance in China. 

The second field 国税 联网 状态 will indicate the date of dispatch of the export customs declaration to the state tax administration and the date of receipt of the export customs declaration by the state tax service of China.

You will not be able to check the value of the goods declared in the Chinese export declaration in this form.

If you are unable to verify the authenticity of the export customs declaration, write to us by mail, we will check and inform you.