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A certain amount of goods, plants, plant products and / or other materials in carriage (cargo may be composed of one or more goods or lots). The cargo can be groupage, for example, when transporting one container or car of cargo of several owners.

Cargo classified

  • in appearance (live or non-living)
  • by way of transportation (sea, river, rail, road, air)
  • by weight (the load exerted on the cargo transferring device)
  • in shape (physical size (dimensions))
  • by state of aggregation (solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma)
  • on the terms of packaging and storage (piece, bulk, bulk, bulk, container, etc.)
  • by shelf life for use (perishable)
  • on the microclimatic regime (special requirements for temperature, humidity, pressure, atmospheric composition, air quality)
  • in terms of danger to health, life and the environment (toxic (poisonous), biologically hazardous (infectious), explosive, flammable, flammable, radioactive, etc.)

Live cargo includes animals, birds, plants, bacteria and other living organisms; There are special requirements for their transportation.

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