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Export Transportation
Container transportation associated as indicated in the corresponding export waybill.
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A person who performs or organizes the implementation of certain freight forwarding services, namely, services for organizing the carriage of goods and concluding contracts for the carriage of goods, loading and delivery of goods, etc.
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Containers placed on top of each other during storage or transport.
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Towing vehicle equipped with a frontal mechanism for stacking or moving containers. It is used mainly at terminals in seaports. It can also be in demand in the operation of logistics or sorting centers.
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Flexible polymer capacity of up to 24 liters designed for transporting liquid cargo in a 000-foot container.
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Fitting is an obligatory element of the container design, a standard device for fastening containers on vehicles or between themselves. Fittings are usually located at the top and bottom corners of the container where twist locks or other devices can be inserted to lift the stack or secure the container. For containers whose length is not a multiple of 20 feet (for example, 45 feet), in addition to corner fittings, there is also an additional set of fittings, the space grid of which corresponds to the lattice of 20 and 40 feet containers. This allows using the same means of transportation and handling equipment during their operation.
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Feeder transport
Sea transportation over a short distance between two or more ports for the purpose of grouping or distributing goods (usually containers) in one of these ports for further transportation on the high seas or after such transportation.
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Extended (long wheel) fitting platform
Fitting platform designed to carry four TEUs.
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Transportation of goods from one country to another through the territory of third countries. The question of the admission of transit and its conditions is the subject of trade agreements and agreements between individual countries. There are straight transit when foreign goods are transported under customs security without being placed in a customs warehouse and indirectly when goods arrive in customs warehouses and then abroad.
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A place equipped for transshipment and storage of containers. At JSC "Russian Railways" terminal more commonly referred to as “container site” or “container terminal”.
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Time charter
Services for the implementation of maritime transport are provided by hiring a ship for a certain period of time for a fee called freight as a rule, based on the monthly rate per ton of deadweight or daily rate. During the agreed timeframe, the charterer has the right to use the vessel as he sees fit, however, the shipowner continues to steer his vessel through the captain and crew who remain on board.
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Jib Forklift
Pneumatic lift jib lift for moving or stacking containers on a horizontal reinforced surface. According to the terminology adopted by Russian Railways, it is a heavy-duty diesel auto-loader equipped with a spreader or a tong grab for cargo operations with semi-trailers for piggyback transportation.
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STK (medium-tonnage container)
The container is of an average capacity of an outdated local standard used in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, created for the carriage of goods whose weight does not exceed 5 t
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Standard train
The train consists of the 71 standard car and the 1 locomotive.
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Estimated delivery time
Period of time during which carrier must deliver cargo by appointment and for compliance with which he is responsible to cargo owners. It includes the time required for the transportation of goods from the point of departure to the destination (including for loading and unloading operations) for various auxiliary operations and paperwork. For the delay in the delivery of goods against the agreed dates, the carrier pays a penalty to the cargo owner, usually set as a percentage of the freight charge. In the event of emergencies and force majeure circumstances, the carrier is exempt from paying a fine for delay in delivery of cargo.
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Sorting Center
Central collection point, sorting, transshipment and distribution of goods for a specific region. In the practice of container transportation, Russian Railways JSC is a container point where direct wagons loaded with containers are formed. It has the same purpose as a logistics center in large places for container processing and the junction of several types of transport.
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Mixed freight train
A train that consists of various types of wagons carrying different types of cargo is often sent to various destinations.
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Reach stacker
A high-power loader designed to work with CPC capable of handling loads up to 45 tons. Reach stackers can handle containers in multiple rows.
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Usually an adjustable horizontal or inclined platform that allows vehicles to enter or exit a ship or railroad car. In the terminology of cargo operations of the railway transport of Russia, the term "ramp" fits this definition, and the term "ramp"Means the device at the final cargo fronts (mainly warehouses) being built at the same level with the vehicle height for ease of loading and unloading.
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Empty mileage
For containers - transportation of an empty container on a platform for a platform - mileage without container (s) or any non-container cargo.
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Rolling stock
Freight or passenger cars intended for railway transportation.
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From door to door
A comprehensive logistics service for the delivery of goods directly from the warehouse of the consignor (supplier of goods) to the warehouse of the consignee (recipient of goods). As a rule, it includes not only rail transportation and delivery by road, but also terminal handling of cargo and, if necessary, its customs clearance and payment in accordance with INCOTERMS-2000. Appeared in response to the desire of the cargo owner to deal with the sole performer of his order.
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Signs drawings inscriptions and other symbols applied to product packaging or containers. Allows you to establish a connection between the cargo and the shipping document to distinguish one consignment from another, establishes the procedure for accounting for containers and reports on safety measures during transportation.

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The organization of the delivery chain and the management of this chain in the broadest sense. This chain can cover both the supply of raw materials necessary for production and the management of material resources in the enterprise, delivery to warehouses and distribution centers, sorting, processing and final distribution at the point of consumption. In the context of transport services, the main thing is the delivery of cargo along the route.
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Liner ship
A vessel that flies between certain ports. On such a vessel can be containers with different ports of destination.
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Empty run ratio
The average distance of the empty run of the platform or container divided by the average distance of the total run of the platform or container, respectively.
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Container turnover
The number of containers processed at the port or at the station from the moment of arrival and before departure for a certain period of time.
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Container train (block train)
A train that consists of wagons loaded with the following containers to one destination owned by the carrier or other persons. Train length and speed are established by regulatory legal acts. The train is formed at the station of departure and follows without separation along the route and without further redirection of containers.
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Open top container
Container for loading through the top of various goods such as heavy equipment or oversized cargo.
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Bulk Container
The container intended for the carriage of bulk cargo without additional packaging has openings for loading and unloading bulk cargo in bulk.
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Intermodal transportation
Transportation of cargo in the same cargo unit by several means of transport when one of the carriers undertakes to organize the entire transportation of cargo from door to door. Such transportation includes delivery to the warehouse of the recipient that can only be done by road.
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Isothermal container (thermos container)
A special container with insulated walls, doors, floor and roof that allows you to maintain a constant temperature inside when transporting perishable goods, mainly food.
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Railway junction
Usually, a railway junction means a large railway station accepting freight and passenger trains and reforming trains. Railway junction - it is a complex of sorting cargo and passenger stations that are technologically interconnected and has main connecting bypass and access roads with depot stations and its own sources of electricity. It provides for the passage of transit trains from one line to another, transferring cars between stations belonging to its composition and converging lines in it (there are usually at least three of them in a node).
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Unified container transport system
The system adopted in Russia and in a number of other countries means that the cargo transported in a container will go all the way from the sender to the recipient using several modes of transport with a guarantee of integrity and safety. In order for the container transport system to act, a number of conditions must be met. The most important of these is the presence of a fleet of containers. Their size and construction should be unified, that is, they should be suitable for transportation in railway wagons by truck and in the holds of ships. In addition, they must be convenient for reloading from one vehicle to another, and in order for the crane to overload them, the containers must have special attachment devices.
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DFE (twenty foot equivalent)
Conventional unit of measurement of the quantitative side of traffic flows or throughput. Equivalent to twenty feet or the dimensions of a 20ft (6-1m) ISO container. So one standard 40-foot container of the ISO series is equal to 2 TEU.
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An individual or legal entity that, under the contract of carriage, acts on its own behalf or on behalf of the owner of the goods or baggage and is indicated in the shipping document.
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Cargo unit
Container or swap body and also loaded (empty) semi-trailer or road train. In principle, a cargo unit can be any box or package.
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Domestic shipments
The transportation of containers whose starting and ending points (as indicated in the appropriate invoice) are located within Russia.
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The replaceable container for loose freights put in the container. Used for the carriage of goods in bulk.
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The Federal Customs Service and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation have approved an electronic check format for returning VAT to foreign citizens when exporting goods purchased in Russia.
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