Classifier TN VED

The Classifier of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of the Customs Union has been used since January 1, 2012 in accordance with the Decision CTS EurAsEC by 18.11.2011 No. 850.

Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity is a classifier of goods used by customs authorities and participants of foreign economic activity in order to conduct customs operations.

The commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity is based on the Harmonized System of Description and Coding of Goods of the World Customs Organization and the unified Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of the Commonwealth of Independent States. TN FEA is an expanded Russian version of the Harmonized System (HS), developed by the World Customs Organization and adopted as the basis for product classification in EU countries and others.

Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity is approved by the Commission of the customs union. Decisions on amendments to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity are made by the Commission of the customs union on the basis of proposals of the customs authorities in the prescribed manner.

Technical maintenance of the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Affairs is carried out by the state executive authority of the Russian Federation authorized in the field of customs (FCS of Russia).

The Federal Tax Service uses the classifier in the AIS “Tax” system CN FEAreceived from the Federal Customs Service of Russia in accordance with the protocol of information interaction between departments, and brings it to the tax authorities of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, the FEA is used by taxpayers of the Member States of the Customs Union when filling out an application for the import of goods and payment of indirect taxes.

The essence of the classifier is that each product is assigned 10-digit code (if you use 14-digit code), which subsequently is used in the declaration of goods. This encoding is used to ensure accurate identification of goods transported across the customs border of the Russian Federation, and to facilitate automated processing of customs declarations at customs clearance.

HS consists of 21 section and 97 groups
10-digit product code TN FEA is:

  • First 2 digits (e.g. Group 84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; parts thereof) - Commodity group
  • 4 first digits (e.g. 8443, Printing machines used for printing by means of plates, cylinders and other printing forms of heading 8442; other printers, copy machines and fax machines, whether or not combined; their parts and accessories:) - commodity item TN VED
  • 6 first digits (for example, 844332, others that have the ability to connect to a computer or network :) - commodity subheading TN VED
  • 10 digits, the full product code, which is indicated in the cargo customs declaration (for example, 8443321009, others) - commodity subheading of HS

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Classifier of commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity
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