The process of preparing and applying risk profiles

The actions of customs officials in the preparation and application of risk profiles in customs control are determined by the order of the Federal Customs Service of Russia “On approval of the Instructions on the actions of customs officials in the preparation and review of draft risk profiles, the application of risk profiles in customs control, their updating and cancellation”

The creation of a risk profile is preceded by the process of compiling and approving its project; when preparing a risk profile, the following stages of risk analysis are highlighted:

The result of the risk analysis is the development of an appropriate control procedure to minimize risks, specific control technologies, based on available resources for personnel, equipment, software, etc.

Effective customs control using RMS

To determine the appropriateness of using existing risk profiles, predicting the effectiveness of their action, as well as to reduce the number of risk profiles, customs officials send a report on the adoption of direct measures to minimize risks (DT in paper and electronic form and attached documents) to the coordinating units MOUTH or FCS of Russia.

These documents and information are analyzed in accordance with the procedure established in the target methods and target technologies of customs control. Based on the results of the analysis, prediction of the effectiveness of further application of the risk profile, as well as analysis of the results of applying direct measures to minimize, a decision is made to update or cancel specific profiles.

There are a number of requirements for filling out a report on the results of the application of direct measures to minimize risks contained in column “C” of an electronic copy of DT. The form of the report and the procedure for filling it out are determined by legal acts of the FCS of Russia.

To uniformly fill in the fields of the report, methodological recommendations have been developed, approved by letters of the FCS of Russia. As established report forms, specially designed tables are used, which are based on the information contained in the DT, and its elements are the corresponding columns in encoded form.

This table has four groups of fields:

  • Identified risks
  • Measures taken to identify risks
  • Search Features
  • The name of the standard criterion, the name of the measure, notes on measures and inspections, the source of information for applying direct measures to minimize risks ”(codes and interpretation of relevant information).