Features of the development and publication of urgent risk profiles

Urgent risk profiles are intended for prompt delivery to officials involved in customs clearance and customs control goods and vehicles, information on the need to apply direct risk mitigation measures to a certain consignment of goods before their release.

Projects of urgent risk profiles are developed by the coordinating and other structural units of the FCS of Russia, MOUTH or customs, on the basis of the results of monitoring of customs clearance, are submitted to the OCTU RTU (customs) for direction through operational communication channels to the State Technical University.

Derivatives Risk Profile project made in any form, and may contain the following information:

  • the date of movement of goods across the state border of the Russian Federation;
  • about persons involved in the movement of goods (carrier, the recipient of the goods, the person responsible for the financial settlement);
  • on transported goods and vehicles available;
  • about customs authorities committing customs operations with goods;
  • Room customs documents (TIR Carnet, transit declaration, etc.);
  • other information necessary for the creation and publication of urgent risk profile.

The draft urgent risk profile is sent by RTO RTU (customs) or by the structural division of the Federal Customs Service of Russia to GUOTK via operational communication channels (fax, email) marked "Urgent risk profile".

GUOTK official who has taken on operational communication channels urgent project risk profile, immediately report the matter to the head of the coordinating department GUOTK or his deputy.

The received draft urgent risk profile is registered in the journal of registration of draft risk profiles of the coordinating unit of the S&G. Proposals on the appropriateness of publishing an urgent risk profile are prepared by GUOTK together with the structural unit, in the direction of which the risk has been identified, usually during the current day. Based on the results of the development of proposals on the advisability of issuing an urgent risk profile, the coordinating unit of the State Educational and Technical Administration is preparing a teletype containing urgent risk profile, referring to the zonal type, which is signed by the head of the GUOTK or his deputy, authorized by the head of the GUOTK, or the head of the structural unit of the FCS of Russia, in the direction of which the risk was identified. containing urgent risk profilebelonging to the zonal view.

Content teletype may also be communicated to the customs authority by telephone (through telephone messages, according to the procedure established by other legal acts of the Federal Customs Service of Russia), and (or) using the program module "The orientations" AIST AIST-M or RT-21.

The decision on the recognition of inappropriate publication GUOTK-term risk profile brings to the customs body orally by telephone.

After sending teletype it may decide to reconsider the direction of urgent risk profile as part of the FCS of Russia in writing no later than four days from the date of the teletype.

Authorized customs officials, prior to receiving a teletype message containing an urgent risk profile and applying direct measures to minimize risks or notifying the State Technical Inspection on the recognition of an urgent risk profile as impractical, take measures to ensure that the goods are inspected within the time limits established in Article 152 of the Customs Union.