Tariff plans customs clearance in Vladivostok

Services provided

  • Search for goods and equipment in China
    We will look for and find what you need in China.
  • China Supplier Verification
    Check the seller by various methods, both free and paid (travel to production)
  • Search for favorable conditions for the carriage of goods
    Choose the most affordable transportation option if you need it, or the fastest one.
  • Calculate Shipping Cost
    We will calculate all the costs associated with the delivery to your warehouse, we will take into account all the nuances
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the TN FEA
    We correctly classify goods by code HS
  • Check customs risks for selected products
    Analyze the database of customs risks and let them know the value if the risks exist.
  • Analysis customs statistics for selected goods
    Customs statistics are the most important indicator, we will carefully review the statistics on your products and make the correct calculation.
  • Calculation of customs payments
    Calculate customs payments, (Fees, Fees and VAT) take into account Risks, customs statistics, preferences.
  • Optimized calculation of customs payments
    We propose an alternative calculation from the parallel universe where the other coding of goods.
  • Preparation of foreign economic contacts
    We know how to prepare them correctly, because we prepare them every day, you do not need to do anything, we will do everything for you.
  • Audit of existing foreign economic contacts
    If you have contract we check them and say we need to fix
  • Purchase and transfer of currency on favorable terms
    We buy the currency at a favorable rate and translate in 1 day.
  • Buying goods and equipment in China
    We pay the seller for product and we will not allow mistakes in the payment order, the money will reach quickly and to its destination.
  • Cargo delivery to Vladivostok
    We deliver your cargo in Vladivostok by sea or in any other way that you like.
  • Bill of lading check
    The sender is inattentive and makes mistakes in the bill of lading, which bring complexity, We will check bill of lading in advance and all right.
  • Invoice Verification
    invoice This is an account, and it is important that it be correct, as the customs are carefully considering it.
  • Checking the packing list
    Information about the quantity and packaging of the goods, we also check it and edit it if necessary.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
    We are not a certification body, but we know how to properly execute documents and where it is beneficial to make them.
  • Pre-filing (PI)
    We will send to the customs preliminary information in full and on time and thus avoid additional problems. Read about PI here.
  • Preparation of documents for registration DT
    Correctly and without error we will prepare all the documents for processing the customs declaration, and there are quite a lot of them.
  • Filling in the Customs Declaration
    Fill in the customs declaration according to all the rules and not allow more than one error.
  • Import customs clearance
    Properly submit to customs information in the form of a customs declaration on the import of goods
  • Customs inspections and inspections
    Perhaps you will need to conduct customs inspections and inspections, we will perform this task perfectly.
  • Quick release of the Customs Declaration
    It is not enough to simply submit a declaration to customs, it must be quickly released in order to pick up the goods from TSW
  • Transportation of goods in Russia             
    We deliver your cargo wherever you want at the most favorable rates or very quickly.
  • Challenging a customs decision in court (adjustment of the customs value)
    Defend the honor of your company in court if required
  • Representation of interests in the customs authorities, maintenance of DT
    Let's go and talk, find out everything you need to know and bring the necessary information to the inspector
  • Consultations on the issues of foreign - economic activity
    We will tell all that we know about foreign economic activity, and if we don’t know, we’ll find out and tell.
  • Assistance in obtaining EDS
    We will receive a digital signature for you and will not take a penny for our help.
  • Export Customs Clearance
    Let's arrange export, but this is a slightly different song
  • Sale of goods on FRT with VAT 20%
    We will sell you a product with VAT 20%, Full and correct paperwork.

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Registration under the commission agreement


Registration under the contract of sale