We are located in Vladivostok and provide services for profitable, fast and reliable delivery of imported goods from China, Korea and Japan, as well as clearance and delivery of export cargoes with full customs clearance in Vladivostok.

Our many years of experience in the field of customs clearance of goods in Vladivostok allows us to solve all the problems of customs clearance and delivery of goods "excellent".

We value our customers and work to meet their needs for quality services. Our mission is to achieve excellence in the field of customs clearance and transportation, improving the quality of services provided.

Mutual respect is the principle of our relationship. We are aimed at achieving the client’s goals and always strive to minimize the client’s expenses (if necessary) during customs clearance and cargo delivery.

Our tariffs are more profitable than those of similar companies, and the quality of the services provided meets all modern requirements. We are guaranteed to deliver your cargo safe and sound to any city in Russia, having made its customs clearance in Vladivostok. 

Thanks to many years of established relations with partners in the field of cargo transportation - from small to large freight forwarding companies, international and domestic shipping lines - we deliver goods to any desired destination.

As of July 2020, we have processed more than 1900 customs declarations at customs, accompanied the transportation and delivery of more than 39 350 tons of cargo, 3030 containers.

We are ready to provide you with the following services
  • Import clearance.
  • Export decoration.
  • Search and purchase of goods in China.
  • Checking suppliers in China.
  • Payment for goods.
  • Delivery of goods to Vladivostok and then by Russia.             
  • Preparation of documents for registration of the customs declaration.
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the TN FEA.
  • Calculation of customs payments.
  • Optimization of customs payments.
  • Customs clearance of cargo for the client’s seal, under the brokerage seal or under our contract.
  • Representing clients in customs, escort DT.
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, certificates and declarations of conformity.
  • Preparation of new contracts, analysis and the edition of the existing ones.
  • Consultations on questions of foreign economic activity - (Consulting on foreign trade activities).
  • Carrying out customs inspections and inspections in the area of ​​the Vladivostok customs.
  • Challenging decisions of customs in court (adjustment of customs value).
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