In accordance with the budget classification of federal budget revenues, approved by the Ministry of Finance of Russia, from 01.01.2022, the budget classification code (hereinafter referred to as the KBK) has been changed for making advance payments.

From 01.01.2022, advance payments must be made with an indication KBK 153 1 10 09000 01 1000 110 “Advance payments for future customs and other payments (the amount of payment (recalculations, arrears and arrears on the corresponding payment, including the canceled one).


Payment of customs and other payments is made to an account opened by the Interregional Operational Department of the Federal Treasury (hereinafter referred to as the Interregional Operational UFC) to balance sheet account No. 40102 "Single Treasury Account". The format, procedure for filling out and issuing an order on the period of funds in payment of payments to the budget system (hereinafter referred to as the payment order) are determined by regulatory legal acts of the Bank of Russia on the rules for transferring funds and by order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated 12.11.2013 No. 107n "On approval Of the Rules for specifying information in the requisites of orders for the transfer of funds in payment of payments to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation. " Execution of one payment order is allowed only for one customs and other payment (budget classification code) administered by the customs authorities, according to the budget classification of the Russian Federation.

Account details:

  • (13) "Name of the beneficiary's bank" - Operations Department of the Bank of Russia / Interregional Operational UFK, Moscow;
  • (14) "BIK of the beneficiary's bank" - 024501901;
  • (15) "Account number of the beneficiary's bank (number of the bank account included in the single treasury account)" - 40102810045370000002;
  • (17) "Account number of the beneficiary of funds (treasury account number)" - 03100643000000019502;
  • (16) "Recipient" - Interregional operational UFC (FCS of Russia);
  • (61) "TIN" of the recipient "- 7730176610;
  • (21) "Order of payment" - 5;
  • (22) "Code" - a unique payment identifier is indicated, consisting of 20 or 25 characters, while all characters of the unique payment identifier cannot simultaneously take on the value zero ("0"). In the absence of a unique payment identifier, the value zero is indicated ("0 ");
  • (24) "Purpose of payment" - additional information required to identify the purpose of payment, the Customs authorities must bring this information to the attention of participants in foreign economic activity by placing account details on information stands and in the information and telecommunications network "Internet".
  • (101) - a two-digit indicator of the payer's status: "06" - a participant in foreign economic activity - a legal entity, except for the recipient of an international postal item; "07" - customs authority; "16" - a participant in foreign economic activity - an individual; "17" - a participant in foreign economic activity - an individual entrepreneur; "28" - a participant in foreign economic activity - the recipient of an international postal item.
  • (103) "KPP" of the recipient - 773001001;
  • (104) - budget classification code in accordance with the budget classification of the Russian Federation - 15311009000011000110;
  • (105) "OKTMO" - 45328000;
  • (107) - eight-digit code of the customs authority - 10000010;

Sample payment order for payment of customs duties for 2022

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An example of a payment order for payment of advance payments to customs ELS -2022(13) "Наименование банка получателя средств" - Операционный департамент Банка России/Межрегиональное операционное УФК г. Москва (изменено)(14) "БИК банка получателя средств" - 024501901 (изменено)(15) "Номер счета банка получателя средств (номер банковского счета, входящего в состав единого казначейского счета)" - 40102810045370000002 (изменено)(17) "Номер счета получателя средств (номер казначейского счета)" - 03100643000000019502 (изменено)(21) "Очередность платежа" - 5;(22) "Код" - указывается уникальный идентификатор платежа, состоящий из 20 или 25 знаков, при этом все знаки уникального идентификатора платежа одновременно не могут принимать значение ноль ("0"), В случае отсутствия уникального идентификатора платежа указывается значение ноль ("0")(16) "Получатель" - Межрегиональное операционное УФК (ФТС России)(61) "ИНН" получателя" - 7730176610(103) "КПП" получателя - 773001001(104) -код бюджетной классификации в соответствии с бюджетной классификацией Российской Федерации(105) "ОКТМО" - 45328000(106) - основание платежа - 00(107) - восьмизначный код таможенного органа 10000010(101) - двузначный показатель статуса плательщика: "06" - участник внешнеэкономической деятельности - юридическое лицо, за исключением получателя международного почтового отправления;  "07" - таможенный орган; "16" - участник внешнеэкономической деятельности - физическое лицо;  "17" - участник внешнеэкономической деятельности - индивидуальный предприниматель; "28" - участник внешнеэкономической деятельности - получатель международного почтового отправления(24) "Назначение платежа" - дополнительная информация, необходимая для идентификации назначения платежа -  Авансовые платежи для единого лицевого счета, открытого в ФТС России

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