Certification from Latin translates as (certum - true + facere - do). Certification means actions that confirm the quality and compliance of the actual properties of the certified products with the requirements of national and international standards.

Unfortunately, many do not pay attention to the certification of goods. British scientists have proven that most people do not know what the PCT or EAC emblem means on product packaging. In reality, however, the GOST R conformity marks and a single circulation mark indicate that this product passed the quality assessment procedure. If the goods are subject to mandatory conformity assessment, then it is impossible to import them into Russia without issuing permits, and, accordingly, the absence of marking means that the goods are either not subject to mandatory conformity assessment, or have been imported illegally.

Product certification should be a guarantee of its quality and protect the buyer from an unscrupulous manufacturer, confirm that the product is safe for human life and the environment. Certification is carried out by an independent party in order to confirm compliance of the object under study with current standards, technical regulations and standards.

We list the main systems of conformity assessment:

GOST R system

In Russia, there are such forms of confirmation of product quality as mandatory and voluntary.

Mandatory certification is required for products that endanger the health and life of consumers. Product certification in the national GOST R system is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Government Decree No. 982 dated 01.12.2009 "Nomenclature of goods subject to mandatory certification and declaration of conformity", for example tires for cars, organic oils, electrical equipment, household electrical appliances, products for children, tobacco products. If the products are reflected in this list, then it becomes necessary to issue a certificate or declaration of conformity.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the initiative of the customer if he wants to increase competitiveness, confirm certain properties of the product, or additionally assure consumers of its high consumer quality. The voluntary certification procedure practically does not differ from the mandatory certification procedure. It includes the same steps that are entrusted to special certification bodies that have the appropriate state accreditation.

If the product needs compulsory certification, then voluntary certification is not enough.

Certification for TS TR (EAEU TR)

Product certification according to TR CU (TR EAEU) is carried out only in a mandatory form, as there is currently no uniform voluntary quality assurance system in the EAEU. The certification procedure should be carried out if the product is subject to one or more technical regulations.

Products subject to mandatory conformity assessment (confirmation) within the customs union are listed in the decision of the customs union commission No. 319 dated 18.06.2010/XNUMX/XNUMX "A single list of products subject to mandatory conformity assessment (confirmation) within the Customs Union with the issuance of uniform documents."

Mandatory confirmation of conformity is carried out only for conformity and in the cases established by the relevant technical regulations.

In the event that the requirements of the TR CU have not come into force with respect to goods, mandatory confirmation in the form of certification is made on the basis of the national Unified list of products subject to mandatory certification.

RF Technical Regulations on Fire Safety (FZ-123)

Fire safety certification is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the RF technical regulations on fire safety (FZ-123). Provision is made for both mandatory and voluntary certificates, as well as declarations of conformity. 

We help our clients in processing all necessary documents for customs clearance:

  • We certify the goods in the system GOST R;
  • We certify products in accordance with the requirements of TR CU;
  • We draw up and register declarations of conformity of products;
  • We issue certificates of state registration of products (we confirm compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards);
  • We confirm the conformity of products (certification, declaration) to fire safety requirements (Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 22 July 2008, № 123-ФЗ "Technical Regulations about fire safety requirements ");
  • We make notifications of the FSB;

Necessary documents and information for registration permits

  • Statement certified by the head and seal of the customer.
  • Registration and statutory documents on the organization of the customer certification.
  • Technical documentation for certified products, registration certificate and operational documentation.
  • Contract.
  • The contract of the authorized person.

Schemes of certification and declaration of goods

Schemes determine by what rules will happen conformity assessmenthow long the documents will be processed. According to the approved schemes, certificates or declarations can be issued to the manufacturer or the company of the importer of the goods.

Usually, permits are issued for serial production, in which case the products can be sold without restriction until the expiration of the certificate or declaration. If you wish, you can issue documents for a limited batch of goods, when the exact number of units of production is indicated.

If the certification scheme involves product testing in special laboratories, Certificate of Conformity issued based on the protocol of these tests.

You can verify the authenticity of the issued certificate of conformity or the declaration of conformity in Rosakkreditation registries.

By registering at customs with the help of our company, you get rid of time-consuming and monotonous actions for registration of permits and receive valid and correct documents on conformity assessment together with goods that have passed customs clearance, as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.
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