OKPD 2 - the all-Russian product classifier by economic activity on 1 in January 2017 replaced the expired all-Russian product classifier, abbreviated as OKP, respectively, in certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity where the OKP code was used, it is necessary to indicate the OKND code 1 from 2017 on January 2.

To certify various types of goods, you need to know their TN codes FEA and OKND 2, from this information depends.

  • conformity certification scheme or declaration of conformity
  • compliance with standards (TR CU, GOST R)
  • type of document
  • cost of the document being drawn up

Find the 2 OKPD code and find the one that matches it six-digit code CN FEA You can in the table

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Concordance table of codes OKPD 2 and HS
OKND code 2 TN_VED code Product Name OKPD 2 Name of goods id


The correspondence table of OKPD 2 and TN VED codes was compiled on the basis of data from the Eurostat agency, the European Union Commission on Correlation of Codes of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) 2012 and the Statistical Classification of Products by Economic Activity in the European Union (CPA) 2008, obtained from the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Using the search you will be able to find the OKPD 2 or TN VED code and see their correspondence.

The presented data is for reference only, reflects the possible correspondence between the OKND codes 2 and CN FEA EAEU at the level of the first six charactersIt is supposed to use them as additional, auxiliary information when selecting codes of classifiers OKPD 2 and TN FEA for the corresponding categories of goods.

Services are not subject to classification in the EAEA EA and are not included in this table.

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