Hello, in this article we will try to help you understand how and what you need to do if you decide to bring a commercial consignment of goods from abroad.

Finding goods of interest from a foreign seller is the first thing to do after you figure out what to bring and to whom to sell it later, usually, when it comes to China, the goods are searched for on the website Alibaba.com.

The product has been found, the price of the product and the terms of delivery in accordance with INCOTERMS are agreed and known, the contract has been concluded, now it is necessary to calculate the costs that will be included in the final price of the product, this is customs payments (duty + VAT + excise + customs clearance fees)freight, terminal charges, registration of permits, temporary storage warehouse, cost of delivery of goods to your warehouse.

If you decide to calculate yourself customs payments, then for this it is recommended to first find out the intra-customs minimum value of the goods at which the release of the goods is possible, in narrow circles widely known under the name RISK. Information about the magnitude of the RISK is confidential and is not advertised, often even customs inspectors do not know it, but in our Customs calculator You can see the average pass-through prices for goods, which in most cases coincide with the magnitude of the RISK.

To calculate shipping costs, you need to determine which route to transport the goods. We are located in Vladivostok and, of course, we offer you to carry the goods only through port Vladivostok, because we love our city almost as much as Eleanor Pray once loved it, then comes her quote.

“There is hardly anyone who loves this unkempt place the way I do. Everyone laughs at me, but I can't help myself. The mere thought that it is possible to live somewhere where I will not see this blue bay and two bays (Amur and Ussuri), terrifies me "
Eleanor Prey

If you are driving foreign economic activity,  You may have the following questions.

  • How to avoid hard customs clearance of cargo?
  • What actions need to be taken in order to quickly and not expensive customs clearance of cargo?
  • How and where to issue permits (certificate or declaration of conformity)?

In customs clearance, as in any activity related to government bodies, there are certain nuances that are difficult to predict for a person who first encountered this task, but everything will be fine if you understand where, what, and how to do it.

So everything has been calculated, the expected profit is enormous and you decide to carry the cargo.

In order to bring imported goods to the address of your company, you must:

  • Having a company with any form of property, or IP
  • The presence of foreign currency and ruble bank accounts
  • Be registered at the customs office where you plan to clear the cargo 
  • Prepare and conclude the correct foreign economic contract with the supplier of goods and other necessary documents, taking into account the requirements of customs
  • Issue a transaction passport if the value of the goods exceeds RUB 3
  • Pay for the goods to the supplier
  • Pay for freight (if provided by the terms of delivery)
  • Receive a bill of lading upon arrival of a cargo ship
  • If necessary, issue a certificate or declaration of conformity or other permits
  • Fill in a customs declaration
  • Pay fees for customs clearance, import (import) duty and VAT
  • Submit a declaration to customs,
  • If appointed, make inspection / inspection of goods
  • Release cargo

We are ready and able to help you, we can do everything for you:

  • We will negotiate with your suppliers
  • Let's prepare the correct foreign economic contract and other necessary documents
  • We will analyze the statistical data on goods, give recommendations if possible price optimization
  • We will pay for the goods to suppliers (if the goods are processed by our companies)
  • We organize delivery of cargo to Vladivostok
  • We will assist in carrying out various examinations
  • We will obtain all the necessary permits and (certificates and declarations)
  • We will collect all the necessary documents for customs clearance
  • We will fill out a customs declaration taking into account the latest requirements of the FCS
  • Draw customs clearance Your cargo as soon as possible (1-3 days)
  • If need be, we will carry out inspection / inspection of the cargo quickly and beautifully
  • We will send your cargo to your specified destination, very inexpensive

If for some reason you do not want or cannot carry the goods under your contract, our company is ready to produce customs clearance of your goods under his contract, thus greatly facilitate and accelerate the process.

We offer a choice of simple 2 options:

  1. According to the commission agreement, we will be the recipient of the goods in the Russian Federation, and you will be the actual owner. After customs clearance, we will transfer the goods to you on the basis of an act - a commission agent's report with an attachment copies of all expenditure (supporting) documents.
  2. According to the contract of sale - the goods come to our address and pafter customs clearance we sell you goods by FRT or invoice.

The main advantage of working with us is:

  • Saving money due to customs and logistics optimization
  • No need for foreign exchange payments on your part and the fulfillment of the conditions of the related foreign exchange control (if the cargo is brought under our contract) 
  • Huge savings in time and money due to turnkey work with one company
  • No need to track constantly changing legislative acts in the field customs clearance
  • Reducing the risks of tax audits, since questions can be redirected to the importing company
  • Significant savings in nerve cells due to the fact that you do not have to deal with many government bureaucratic structures
  • No risks associated with secondary control after the release of goods
Calculate how much customs clearance of goods will cost in Vladivostok
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