If you made a mistake and transferred money to customs for the wrong details

In the event of an incomplete or inaccurate indication of details, the payment shall be unclear and shall not be communicated to the customs of destination. To make a payment, you must contact the Federal Customs Service of Russia with a request for clarification of details and a copy of the payment order by fax: (499) 499 73 00, (499) 913 93 90 or to the mailing address: Federal Customs Service of Russia, 121087, Moscow, ul. Novozavodskaya, d. 11 / 5, or by email. mail fts@ca.customs.ru.

Letters must be drawn up from the participant of foreign economic activity to the head of the GUFTD and TR FCS of Russia (Name of the current chief) sample letter below.


Head of the Main Directorate of Federal Customs Revenues and Tariff Regulation of the FCS (Name of the current chief) 

Hereby, Limited Liability Company *******, TIN / KPP **** / ****, due to incorrect filling out of payment order No. ** from ******* of the year, in the amount of * ****** rubles, ************************** is incorrectly specified in the 104 field, asks for payment order No. ** from * in the 104 field ****** of the year, be considered correct ************************, the amount of ********** rubles, set off as (- for example - "Advance payments or for a single personal account opened with the Federal Customs Service of Russia (10000010)").

After sending a fax with a request, we recommend that you contact the Main Department of Federal Customs Revenues of the Federal Customs Service of Russia to confirm its timely processing by phone. (499) 499 73 05, (495) 449 71 30, (495) 449 70 31. If sent via e-mail, then you need to call (499) 449 72 35.