ETSNG - The Unified Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature of Cargoes includes the names and code designations of cargoes used by the railways in the preparation of shipping documents for calculating freight charges on the territory of Russian Railways. It is used for export / import and transportation in Russia.

The documents for the carriage of goods must indicate the name and code of the ETSRG cargo. If there is no such name in the alphabetical list, then it is not allowed to name the cargo with the generalized names of ETSNG items, and cargo it must be indicated by the name under which it is indicated in the relevant documentation for the cargo with the code of the cargo named in the alphabetical list of ETSNG, to which the cargo can be attributed by its properties.

The length of the cargo code is six characters and has the following structure:

  • the first two digits are the cargo tariff group;
  • the third digit is the cargo position number in the tariff group;
  • the fourth and fifth digits - the serial number of the cargo in the tariff position;
  • the sixth digit is the control number. The use of a check number for posting in shipping and other forms of documents is determined by instructions for filling out these documents.

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Unified tariff statistical nomenclature of goods
ETSNG code Shipping Name


In accordance with Article 98 of the Federal Law “Charter of the Railway Transport of the Russian Federation”, for misrepresentation of freight names, special marks, information about goods, their properties in a railway bill of lading, resulting in a decrease in the cost of transportation of goods or possible occurrence of circumstances affecting traffic safety and the operation of railway transport, as well as for the departure of goods prohibited for transportation by rail, consignors pay a fine to the carrier in the amount of five a ticket for the transportation of such goods over the entire distance of their transportation, regardless of the compensation for losses caused by this circumstance of the carrier.


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